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VIDEO: This 10-minute video gives you a comprehensive overview of the structure and format of Rooted, including film clips from the DVD.

Rooted is a DVD resource created by college students for teenagers and young adults. Through the medium of film, Rooted helps young adults to critically analyze and evaluate for themselves the truth claims of Christianity.

Legacy of Truth and Taylor University’s Communication Arts Department introduce a different kind of apologetics resource for group and individual study.

Short films created and directed by college students serve as discussion starters, engaging young adults to seriously think about Truth, Science, Morality and Ethics.

The Rooted package includes:

The DVD/CD are based upon the book, Unshakable Foundations: Contemporary Answers to Crucial Questions about the Christian Faith (N. Geisler and P. Bocchino, Minneapolis: Bethany House, 2001).

Rooted can be purchased through Impact Apologetics.

What Is The Purpose of the Leader/Study Guides?

DVDThe Leader/Study Guides are designed to help group leaders unpack, explain and illustrate the salient points covered in the DVD. Each lesson contains questions, illustrations and suggestions, along with other resources, that will help to facilitate discussions. The DVD has been indexed to work in conjunction with rolex replica the guides. This indexing keeps the group linked to the thought processes and principles covered in the DVD. Group leaders can also take advantage of optional related resource materials designed to encourage a deeper engagement of the principles and key ideas associated with each topic. It is our hope that the DVD and accompanying CD leader/study guides will help teenagers and young adults see for themselves why it is credible to believe in the God of the Bible.

Download a sample Rooted study guideTo see how much information is provided for group leaders, download the Sample Rooted Leader/Study Guide (PDF, 6 MB).

This sample includes the introduction to Rooted, as well as excerpts from each lesson, group handouts, and Bible reference sheets. The full manual contains over 70 pages of replica watches helpful information.

Why Is Rooted A “Different Kind” of Apologetics Resource?

Rooted has three essential traits that make it a unique apologetics resource. The first characteristic is that Rooted was designed and created by young adults for young adults. Young people learn better from each other than from older adults and using stories in the form of films as a communication medium makes it culturally relevant. The second aspect of Rooted that makes it unique is the studio sessions. In the studio segments, we listen to the responses of college students to some of life’s most fundamental questions and help the viewers think through the facts for themselves, based upon the principles of thought that apply to each topic. Finally, Rooted is based upon a philosophy of learning that is principle-centered, rather than information-centered (see table below).


Generally speaking, people are rarely taught how to think for themselves with respect to evaluating facts in the context of the academic discipline in which the facts are being interpreted. Rooted goes beyond the sphere of fact gathering for memorization and recall. It takes the viewer into the realm of true learning as they discover how to think through the facts for themselves (reflective process) by applying first principles (inescapable assumptions or self-evident truths) to the questions being discussed.

In the studio session you will hear phrases along the way that go something like this, “Let’s think through this together. . . . That’s a great question, let’s try to discover why . . . think about what was said . . . Let’s apply this principle to what we know . . . .” These phrases are indicative of the unique nature of Rooted and it is our hope that the young adults who participate in study groups will become Rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith. . . . (Colossians 2:7 – NIV).