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1st Principles
Aristotle showed how every science begins with certain obvious metaphysical truths he referred to as first principles.

How the Foundations Are Being Destroyed
According to Abraham Lincoln, the dominating philosophy in education in one generation will be the dominating philosophy in the next.

Unshakable Foundations
This book written by Dr. Norman Geisler and Peter Bocchino is a valuable apologetic resource.

Unshakable Foundations Teacher CD
This resource provides teachers with images, slides, and notes from Unshakable Foundations.

What Is - Ought To Be (PDF, 261 KB) Ethics
If God does not provide the basis for ethics, who or what does? (Author: Peter Bocchino)
If God ... Why Evil? (PDF, 249 KB) Morality
Many people will actually change their view of God in an effort to explain their experiences. (Author: Peter Bocchino)


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