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1st Principles
Aristotle showed how every science begins with certain obvious metaphysical truths he referred to as first principles.

How the Foundations Are Being Destroyed
According to Abraham Lincoln, the dominating philosophy in education in one generation will be the dominating philosophy in the next.

Unshakable Foundations
This book written by Dr. Norman Geisler and Peter Bocchino is a valuable apologetic resource.

Unshakable Foundations Teacher CD
This resource provides teachers with images, slides, and notes from Unshakable Foundations.

Origin Theory Test Applied (PDF, 514 KB) Science
The tests of a good theory applied to evolution.
(Author: Peter Bocchino)
Causes of Things (PDF, 131 KB) Science
This brief PDF lists the possible causes of things, including Aristotle's 4 Causes. (Author: Peter Bocchino)
It's All in Your Mind (PDF, 212 KB) Truth
This PDF explains the psychogenetic fallacy, or the assumption that you have refuted an idea or belief just because you have discovered the psychological reason why someone believes the idea. (Author: Peter Bocchino)
God in a Box? (PDF, 168 KB) Truth
Is it possible to put God into a logical box? Must we approach God outside of reason? (Author: Peter Bocchino)
How Does Green Taste? (PDF, 189 KB) Truth
This PDF discusses the logic fallacy called the Category Mistake, or the confusion of two distinct categories such as seeing and tasting. (Author: Peter Bocchino)
A House Divided Cannot Stand! (PDF, 220 KB) Truth
It is obvious that our founding fathers believed that governments were instituted to secure certain human rights, not create these rights. (Author: Peter Bocchino)
The Role of Education (PDF, 228 KB) Ethics
The ideas being taught in the classroom have always shaped the way students view the world and in turn their view of morality. (Author: Peter Bocchino)


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