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This CD provides valuable resources to any teacher or group leader who is presenting the material in Unshakable Foundations.


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Unshakable Foundations Teacher CD


Legacy of Truth Ministries is offering a CD that contains 508 slides of the color version of the visual illustrations found in Unshakable Foundations (formatted for Microsoft PowerPoint). The Unshakable Foundations CD for teachers contains two layouts:

The Classroom Layout Includes:


Sample graphicA set of color overheads for each of the chapters of Unshakable Foundations. These overheads are designed to illustrate and stress the main points of each chapter. Moreover, many of them were created as animated slides for teachers who may want to use Microsoft PowerPoint for a computer generated presentation.


A set of teacher’s notes explaining the main points of each chapter and how they relate to the entire theme of the book. These notes also include some of the more noteworthy quotes from significant authors.


A set of student handouts for each chapter that follows the overheads or slide presentation.


In addition to the above, suggested exercises are included to help teachers motivate their students to learn how to apply these principles in a “hands-on” manner and to help get them involved in principle oriented discussions.

The Seminar Layout Includes:

A basic overview of Unshakable Foundations consisting of a series of overheads, notes, and quotes that taken together constitutes a five to six hour seminar.

The Unshakable Foundations Teacher CD costs $59.50 and can be ordered online from Impact Apologetics.