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We have been blessed and grown immensely in our faith through the study of Unshakable Foundations and in interaction with Pete. We hope that God will continue to teach us and use us in His service.

-Buff Furman


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Philosophy of Ministry
By Peter Bocchino


God has entrusted us with a unique ministry and sometimes we describe what we do by saying, "we are not a platform ministry." You have seen this phrase in previous reports. Many have asked what we mean by that, so allow me to explain.

There are many apologetic ministries and many capable apologists who offer their services in the form of speaking engagements or seminars. They usually follow up their meetings by offering resource materials in the form of books, CDs, DVDs, etc. These kinds of ministries are needed and help Christians understand why faith in Christ makes sense. However, that is where most of these ministries end, "on the platform." They come, they speak, and they leave—this is what we call "platform ministries."

God has not called us to be a "platform ministry." In fact, we only take speaking engagements where there is a desire to move beyond the platform and into a study mode for equipping. We have a "no-fee" policy and we do not sell our books or other resources on location. We make a long-term commitment to train others in a way that they will be able to "pass on the truth." (2 Timothy 2:2).

To help you understand the depth of training that is involved, I have asked Burford (Buff) Furman to describe his journey from our first seminar, to study group sessions, then to the training of others. Buff is a professor in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at San Jose State University, California. He is involved with Christian Faculty Fellowship (Campus Crusade) and very active in his church (Peninsula Bible Church). You can read his testimony below.

Moving Beyond The Platform

(Testimony of Buff Furman)

In October 2003 I volunteered to be one of about 7 university professors from around the country to go to Atlanta for an intense weekend of training with Pete in apologetics. It was a startling experience! Here I was, 45 years old, had a PhD, was a university professor, and I was wondering how it was that I had never heard (articulated) the simple and profound truths (First Principles) that Pete explained lay at the foundation of every academic discipline. I came to see for the first time how First Principles could be used to provide academic credibility for the Christian faith.

My part of the bargain in attending the training was to return to my campus to become an equipper of others with what I learned. I did this in early 2004 by leading our Faculty/Staff Fellowship through some of the training material and forming a group to study through Pete's book, Unshakable Foundations. Pete's commitment to the professors who attended the training in 2003 was to come to our campuses for follow-up training. I arranged one of these visits for Pete in September 2004. Since he would be here for the weekend, I also arranged for him to give several seminars at my church, Peninsula Bible Church (PBC), in Palo Alto, California.

We had about 38 people from PBC express interest in joining small groups to study through Unshakable Foundations. We launched four groups that met at various days and times through the week. There was also one home fellowship that decided to study through the book. The four groups gradually coalesced into one that met weekly until the middle of March 2007. From September 2004 until March 2007 a core group of about 8 individuals made it through the book.

We kept in regular email contact with Pete and held periodic video conferences with him via the Internet. The video conferences were extremely helpful in reviewing key points and allowing our group to interact with Pete in greater depth than could be easily or efficiently handled by other means. Pete made a third visit out to California in April of 2007 for another series of seminars. One of the seminars was specifically designed for high school students, where Pete used material from his new DVD project. We also organized a session for parents of high school and college students to help sensitize them to the importance of training teenagers to think for themselves. As a result of the parents’ session, a new group has formed with leaders coming from the first PBC study group that will lead parents and several other interested people through Unshakable Foundations.

One of the goals and vision for Legacy of Truth and the PBC study group was to develop a group of people who would internalize the principles and could serve as resources for the church and mentors for young people in the area of apologetics. It is exciting to see that we have made steps toward that goal! The core group of PBC apologists just finished three weeks in the High School Sunday School class following up questions and reviewing the principles that Pete covered with the students in his recent visit. As the Lord provides, we hope to begin a follow-up study with interested high school students on the first and third Sundays of the month in our home and develop long-term mentoring relationships.

We have been blessed and grown immensely in our faith through the study of Unshakable Foundations and in interaction with Pete. We hope that God will continue to teach us and use us in His service.