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Parachurch Ministry


This training is designed to help God’s people be empowered to live rationally in a culture that emphasizes the importance and primacy of feelings.  It endeavors to meet the ever-increasing need to build an aggressive questioning mind in an image-dominated world by teaching individuals how to evaluate the images and ideas that confront them and how to respond appropriately.

The material presented in our training is understandable because it is not “content heavy,” but rather “principle oriented” and well illustrated through utilizing the visual medium of our culture: PowerPoint animated slides, scanned images and video clips are the primary teaching tools used, along with “hands-on” application of principles through field assignments and role-playing. The goal of this training is to help equip believers with a unique methodology that can help to take the emotional force out of certain issues under consideration. This is done by teaching them to critique the principle—not the person—and by engaging the idea without getting caught up in the issue.

Once people understand how these principles work, then any issue that falls under the jurisdiction of a particular principle can be analyzed. Hence, our target group is any thinker: High school students; college students; business professionals; Sunday school teachers; youth directors; pastors; Christian lay persons. Everyone is capable of following an argument if it is presented in a clear manner.  This is even true of those who may have never taken a college course.  As C.S. Lewis said, “uneducated people are not irrational people. . . . I have found that they will endure, and can follow, quite a lot of sustained argument if you go slowly. Often, indeed, the novelty of it (for they have seldom met it before) delights them.”

We have seen God use this training to motivate Christians to witness to their friends and colleagues in a culturally relevant manner. That is, to engage them in non-confrontational discourses involving topics such as truth, creation, law, evil, morality and use those topics as bridges to the truth about Jesus Christ and the Bible (Acts 17).
We recognize that not everyone needs in-depth instruction in the area of engaging the culture. Hence, we offer the following levels of training:

Level 1: This level consists of a 4-6 weeks seminar or class that utilizes the index of our text, Unshakable Foundations, which lends itself to custom fitting the course to the interest level of the class. This is a topic or issue oriented type of training that can “stand alone” or serve as the basis for future training.

Level 2: This training involves a small group of adults who want to use apologetics as a supplemental discipline in coordinating outreach endeavors at the church.  They would meet periodically to study and possibly form outreach groups geared to inviting skeptics into a safe environment to discuss various issues and questions about God and the Christian faith.

Level 3: This level of training would reflect an interest in the church in possibly starting a ministry focused on training its people to engage the culture. This would be accomplished by training a team of “lay apologists” who would serve the apologetics needs of the church. This level requires a continued effort on our part to help this team to deal with contemporary issues.