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How the Foundations Are Being Destroyed
By: Peter Bocchino - President, Legacy of Truth Ministries


According to Abraham Lincoln, the dominating philosophy in education in one generation will be the dominating philosophy in the next. This was proven true, with grave consequences, starting in the 1920's. During this time, secular humanists began to take control of public education and eventually trained a generation of leaders. Those students became the lawyers, politicians and judges who determined public policies, created legislation and made significant judicial decisions that favored the philosophy of secular humanism.

Clearly, the battlefield for spiritual and cultural warfare lies in the hearts and minds of today's young people ... tomorrow's leaders. Because of this, Christians should recognize the classroom as ground zero in the secular world's charge to eliminate all references to God from public policy. Unfortunately, history testifies to the secular world's success.

Statistically, a high percentage of all children raised in Christian homes, often educated in Christian schools, fall away from their faith during their young adult years. The reason for this is simple... they have been told what to believe but don't know why they believe that Christianity is true. Many have not been taught important critical thinking skills in the context of Christianity. These skills would allow them to examine their faith, resolve important questions for themselves, and defend their beliefs with academic credibility. Because of this, most Christians are ill-prepared to rally against the world's assault on important kingdom issues.

How can the tide be changed? As C.S. Lewis said, Christians must be prepared "to meet the enemy on their own grounds," in the classroom. Legacy of Truth Ministries (LTM), using academically respected First Principles, is already preparing the next generation of Christians to defend the faith and uphold godly values.



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