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Types of media in libraryAccess to an online library of research and training materials is included with your purchase of Rooted. This library includes articles written by Peter Bocchino, as well as audio, video, presentations, etc., that support the lessons in Rooted.

Here is a comparison of which resources are available on the public site with those you will find in the library once you purchase Rooted and register your free online membership.

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Online Articles & Documents    
Does Logic Apply to God? Approved  
If God ... Why Evil? Approved  
Is Religion a Crutch? Approved  
Downloadable Resources    
A House Divided Cannot Stand! (PDF) Approved
God in a Box? (PDF) Approved
How Does Green Taste? (PDF) Approved
It's All in Your Mind (PDF) Approved
Jesus - the Master Apologist (PDF) Approved
List of First Principle Biblical References (PDF) Approved
The Apologist (PDF) Approved
The Role of Critical & Constructive Thinking In Education (PDF) Approved
The Unshakable Foundations of the Christian Worldview (PDF) Approved
Truth Lecture (MPG) Approved
Truth Lecture (MP3) Approved
Truth MP3 Study Chart (PDF) Approved
Truth Slides (PPT) Approved
Truth Slides (PDF) Approved
Truth, Logic, and Worldviews (PDF) Approved



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