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Rooted: New from Legacy of Truth

VideoVIDEO: Rooted is a DVD resource created by college students for teenagers and young adults. Learn more about this new apologetics tool.

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Is Religion a Crutch?
Is God just a cosmic security blanket to cover our insecurity?
Sexual Ethics—Is There A Standard?
If God does not provide the basis for ethics, who or what does?
Does Logic Apply to God?
Many people deny the laws of logic, but can't avoid using them.
If God ... Why Evil?
It seems to make sense to believe if God created everything, then God created evil.
How Do You Test an Origin Theory?
This is a proposal to Gwinnett County, GA, for testing origin theories.
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The battlefield for spiritual and cultural warfare lies in the hearts and minds of today's young people ... tomorrow's leaders. Because of this, Christians should recognize the classroom as ground zero in the secular world's charge to eliminate all references to God from public policy.

Legacy of Truth Ministries (LTM), using academically respected First Principles, is already preparing the next generation of Christians to defend the faith and uphold godly values.

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